Businessman Kabonero sued over noise pollution

KAMPALA- Court has issued a temporary order stopping loud music and noise being emitted from Green Lounge Bar which is owned by Mr Bob Kabonero, a businessman.

The bar is adjacent to the home of Justice Andrew Bashaija.

The order will stay until the main case in which Justice Bashaija sued Mr Kabonero over noise pollution is heard and determined.

"An order herein issue against the 1st (Kabonero) and 2nd (Green Lounge Bar and Restaurant), their agents or succession in title trading as Green Lounge Bar and Restaurant at Ministers’ village in Muyenga, Kisugu Parish opposite the applicant's residential address from emitting noise whether from music played  or from revellers in the night until the determination of Misc. 0040 of 2020 is fixed for hearing on February 17th," the February 3 order that was issued by the court’s deputy registrar, Ms Sarah Langa, reads in part.

Justice Bashaija dragged Mr Kabonero to the High Court Civil Division seeking orders of a permanent injunction against him for causing excessive noise pollution.

Mr Kabonero is jointly sued with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

Justice Bashaija wants court to compel KCCA to cancel the licence that was given to Mr Kabonero to operate the bar.

Justice Bashaija states that he is the registered proprietor of property comprised in Kyaddondo, Kisugu which is his residential home for the last 20 years.

Justice Bashaija states that the bar has continuously and wilfully emitted irritatingly loud music and noise from revellers and caused excessive noise pollution to him and his family as well as his tenants.

The judge contends that noise creates great discomfort, disturbance and inconvenience thus affecting the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of his home especially at night.

 He says in the petition that if his tenants vacate, he will lose income yet there are diminished or no chances of him getting other willing tenants to pay similar rental fees.

Justice Esther Nambayo set February 17 to hear the application.