Court orders release of social media critic Shaka

Court has ordered the Police to unconditionally release social media government critic Robert Shaka after detaining him more than three days without trial.

Shaka was arrested on Monday by Special Investigations Division (SID) detectives and has been in detention beyond the mandatory 48 hours.

Police suspected Shaka to be the government critic who goes by the name Tom Voltaire Okwalinga a.k.a TVO on social media platforms.

Lawyers representing Robert Shaka headed by Mr Nichola Opiyo yesterday asked court to direct the police to unconditionally release him or present him before court.

It is alleged that Mr Shaka, using computers and other electronic devices, issued offensive communications against the sovereign state of Uganda, bringing it into hatred and contempt and accordingly, committing the offence of promotion of sectarianism contrary to Section 41 of the Penal Code Act.