Covid-19: Makindye division volunteers receive bicycles, smart phones

One of the volunteers walking away with her bicycle which she was given by Child’s I Foundation for the Covid-19 emergency response project at the division headquarters on May 17, 2020. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA.

A total of 15 volunteers who have been sensitising residents about the spread of COVID-19 in Makindye division, Kampala have received bicycles, smartphones, face masks and bottles of sanitiser to help them in the execution of their duties.
The assortment was donated by Child i Foundation, a non-government organisation that deals with the welfare of children.
Child i Foundation’s country representative, Mr Fred Mukholi said that the donation is part of their three-month emergency response project towards the fight against Covid-19.

“When we noticed that they were really doing a commendable work, we quickly mobilised funds from our partners especially in the UK and decided to buy them bicycles and smartphones so that they could reach places that are inaccessible and give authorities timely reports about how the population is responding to guidelines which were put by government to combat the virus,” he said.

Mr Mukholi also noted that they are also concerned about the welfare of vulnerable groups especially children, saying that they will be able to get reports from the volunteers so that they can respond on time.
Apart from bicycles and smartphones, Mr Mukholi also said that they will provide intensive active family support referrals to emergency response services and continue raising awareness about Covid-19.

“Making families, not orphans remains our mission in these uncertain times, and we are putting a great deal of emphasis on ensuring safety in the face of Covid-19 for every member of our staff and community,” he said.
Makindye is among the five divisions in Kampala city. It has the biggest population, with majority of people living in slums.
Makindye division Mayor, Mr Ali Mulyanyama Nganda acknowledged the fact that some places in the division are inaccessible. But he noted that with the means of transport given to volunteers, the division will be able to get timely updates from communities.

“Transportation is one of the key elements in the fight against Covid-19 and I am happy that our volunteers now have got means of transport and we expect them to feed us with timely updates,” Mr Mulyannyama said.
However, he implored his fellow politicians to work with authorities during this crisis and stop politicising a humanitarian cause, saying that bad politics can put the population at risk.
Ms Aminah Namugga, a volunteer from Katwe said: “I have been walking long distances to sensitise the population and I would easily get tired. But now that I have got a bicycle, it will be easy for me to reach very many people.”