FACT CHECKER: Museveni on oil production

President Yoweri Museveni. File photo

CLAIM. Ruling NRM’s presidential candidate Museveni, while campaigning in the eastern District of Namutumba, repeated claims that oil in Uganda is his. “… You hear people say ‘Museveni should go’. But go and leave oil money? They want me to go so [that] they can come and spoil the oil money. These people want me to go back to the bush,” he said in a statement directed at his opponents in the ongoing campaigns.

FACT. All minerals and hydrocarbon deposits in Uganda belong to the state, and not any individual. Article 244 of the Constitution vests the “control” of all of minerals and petroleum in, on or under, any land or waters in Uganda, in the “government on behalf of the Republic of Uganda”. Only Parliament is empowered to make laws to regulate the sector.

CLAIM. Museveni says some “idiots” and “thugs” attacked “NRM supporters” during the December 13 clashes between his and Amama Mbabazi’s supporters in the south-western Ntungamo District. Mbabazi counters that Museveni’s supporters were the first to pelt stones at his convoy in a provocation he says has angered him. “Whoever comes to beat you is like you. They have the same hands like yours. They do not have more hands than you. Don’t get intimidated,” Mr Mbabazi said at a rally in Kinkizi East. Neither side has explained how the clubs were readily available during the confrontation nor condemned their supporters for engaging in violence, which is against the law.

The truth.
Investigations into the matter are ongoing, and the police have arrested only Mbabazi supporters since the incident.

Verdict. Debatable


Governance: The government will create new districts, President Museveni said, but only if those clamouring for them voted him back in power next February.

Agriculture: Provide more money to make available to farmers. Improved, high-yielding seedlings under Operation Wealth Creation.

Value addition: Establish more plants to process agro-products for higher export returns, and better balance of payment position for Uganda.