How 2010 Kampala bombings broke the back of al-Shabaab

Friday August 19 2016


By Risdel Kasasira


After three gruelling years in the baking heat of Mogadishu, the UPDF was basically stuck at six strategic locations: State House, the seaport, Parliament, Kilometre Four, the airport and Jazeera base. They could not get out of their defensive positions in any meaningful way because the rules of engagement didn’t allow them to carry out offensive operations.

But even if the mandate under which they were in Somalia had allowed for active action, there was simply not enough manpower to launch any such manoeuvres.

Offensive operations would mean exposing their rear to the enemy. Between the Burundian and Ugandan contingents, Amisom forces totalled just about 5,500 troops. Uganda accounted for the bulk of this force with two battle groups standing alongside Burundi’s 1,500 men.......

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