Kayihura warns Besigye over night rallies, defends Museveni

KAMPALA. The police chief has warned Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president candidate Dr Kizza Besigye for holding rallies at night, but he defended the same acts by ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Yoweri Museveni.
Gen. Kale Kayihura said Dr Besigye has been adamant to police calls to respect the Electoral Commission regulations on time on public rallies and traffic, and warned the force was prepared to use force to disperse his crowds.
“We have told Dr Besigye to stop, but the man is completely not bothered. I am making this statement on behalf of the security agencies…we aren’t going to allow him to paralyse the streets and highways,” Gen. Kayihura said on Saturday.

When Gen. Kayihura was asked why he is blaming only Dr Besigye for night rallies yet President Museveni has held two night rallies last week, he said; “President Museveni could have had a reason. I will talk to the managers and see why they did it.”
The IGP added:
“Even Electoral Commission said President Museveni campaigns have been abiding by the electoral laws,” he said.

Dr Besigye campaigned in Wankulukuku, a Kampala suburb, past 8:30pm last week. In the same week,
President Museveni held rallies at Entebbe and Makerere University past 7pm.
But Gen. Kayihura said Dr Besigye blocked traffic while campaign in Entebbe area, which caused untold suffering to motorists.
But on the same day, President Museveni also blocked Ggaba Road and played football with teens in the middle of the road, but Gen. Kayihura didn’t comment on it.
Dr Besigye has often accused Gen. Kayihura and the chairman of the electoral commission, Dr Badru Kiggundu, of being walking sticks of President Museveni.

Gen. Kayihura’s warnings come as Dr Besigye is expected to end his campaigns in the middle of the city centre.
Both Dr Besigye and President Museveni will end their campaigns at Nakivubo and Kololo in Kampala city respectively.
A joint security committee had earlier banned political campaigns and rallies in the central business district, despite electoral laws allowing candidates to hold rallies at gazetted polling stations.
Earlier Dr Besigye said he couldn’t stop holding night rallies until his rival the National Resistance Movement candidate, President Museveni, respects the same laws.