Luuka man banished over Witchcraft

Friday October 21 2016

The accused Charles Magumba (left) following

The accused Charles Magumba (left) following the proceedings of the meeting. Photo by Yazid Yolisigira  

By Yazid Yolisigira

Luuka. Residents of Bukoova village in Luuka District have banished a man allegedly accused of elopement and practicing witchcraft.
The residents earlier this week passed a resolution during an impromptu security meeting to banish Mr Charles Magumba.
With the residents baying for the blood of the 47-years old, the LCIII vice chairman, Mr Ignatius Mukama, convened a meeting where residents endorsed a resolution to have Magumba chased out of the village or risk being lynched.

The meeting which was attended by the area police officer also accused Magumba of using witchcraft to kill two residents whose wives he is alleged to have eloped with.
Speaking in a chorus, the residents narrated of how Magumba brags about being responsible for the death of Hussein Magala and Abed Wambi.

They said Magumba claims he killed the two because he wanted to have an affair with their wives.
“We are tired of him. He elopes with our wives but if you did the same with his wife he would bewitch you,” Mr Michael Mutembeyi, a resident, said in the meeting amid nods of approval and cheers.
Mr Moses Bwogere, also a resident, said Magumba doesn’t take advice given to him by the residents.

While pleading for pardon, Magumba first denied the accusation and later confessed that he was guilty as charged. “I beg that you forgive my wrong doings. I promise never to do them again, I have learnt my lessons,” Magumba pleaded.
The officer in-charge of Bukoova Police Post, Mr Edward Nganye, opposed the call subjecting Magumba to mob justice, saying it is against the law.
However 72 out of 89 people endorsed the resolution to have Magumba banished .
Magumba has been given a grace period of three months to sell his property and leave the village.