Makerere Catholic chapel releases video footage of offertory theft

Tuesday August 20 2019

St Augustine Chapel at Makerere University

St Augustine Chapel at Makerere University  


The Chaplaincy of St Augustine at Makerere University has released a video footage showing the thief who stole offertory money and equipment from the church.

Fr. Josephat Ddungu, the chaplain of St. Augustine Church, says an unidentified thug broke into the chapel on the night of August 11th, 2019.

According to Ddungu, the thug made off with an unspecified amount of money, a laptop, and extension cables, boxes where the offertory for mother Mary and Radio Maria are kept, among other things.

He says they released CCTV footage to the public on social media on Sunday to help in the identification of the thief.

“So we were able to see him on CCTV camera footage. That is the video clip we are circulating right now. He looks familiar from the way he went around and seems to have knowledge of what he was doing or where we keep stuff. Any member who might recognize him can contact us,” Fr Ddungu says.  


He says the same footage was shared with police on Monday morning to aid investigations.

Fr. Ddungu however, couldn’t tell how much money was in the stolen offertory boxes. St Augustine Chapel is a catholic church attended by mostly students at Makerere University.  

Other places of worship within the institution are St Francis Chapel (Anglican) and the Makerere Student Mosque.