Museveni feeling insecure - Besigye

Monday July 18 2016

President Museveni last Tuesday abandone his
President Museveni last Tuesday abandone his car to make a roadside phone call which reportedly lasted for about 30 minutes.
Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)
Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye

BUSHENYI. The Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, has said President Museveni’s roadside phone conversation last week is a sign that he is besieged and insecure.
A picture showing President Museveni seated by the roadside in Kyeirumba, Isingiro District on July 11, speaking on phone went viral on social media platforms.
In the picture released last Tuesday, the day Dr Besigye was granted bail after spending 62 days in Luzira prison over treason charges, President Museveni’s entourage is seen standing at a distance.
Dr Besigye said the President is insecure to the extent of not trusting his driver and bodyguard.

“Mr Museveni is now besieged. He is surrounded by soldiers but feels he is surrounded by enemies,” Dr Besigye said. “He must have suspected cameras in his car. How could he run from his car and sit on the roadside to make a call?” Dr Besigye asked.
The four-time presidential candidate was addressing journalists at the residence of former Bushenyi FDC chairman William Mukaira in Bushenyi Town on Saturday.
Dr Besigye also slammed the President for blocking Ugandans from using roads whenever he hosts foreign visitors, saying the President is now hell-bent on stopping his visitors from seeing those he leads. “He is now a president of guns. Time will come when the gun will lose power to the people,” Dr Besigye said.
He said the multiple charges against him are intended to persecute and weaken him politically so that he gives up, adding: “I am now reloaded to start afresh with the struggle to bring power into the hands of the citizens.”

He blasted police for “terrorising” Ugandans who pay their salaries.
Police trailed Dr Besigye from Mbarara to Bushenyi where he had planned to make a stop-over in Bumbaire Sub-county to lay a wreath on the grave of the late Mary Kasande, the former Bushenyi District FDC electoral chairperson, who was buried last Wednesday. However, Dr Besigye was blocked by police.

He gave the wreath to the district FDC leaders and drove through Bushenyi Town followed by his supporters as he proceeded to his home in Rukungiri.
Mr John Muramya, who claimed leadership of the head of the family where Kasande belonged, earlier in the morning, told journalists at Bushenyi police they would not welcome Dr Besigye because the relatives to Kasande do not belong to the Opposition.