New Cabinet: Dropped ministers speak out

Wednesday June 8 2016

Clockwise: (Fredrick Ruhindi: Attorney

Clockwise: (Fredrick Ruhindi: Attorney General), Sarah Kataike Ndoboli (State for Luweero Triangle), John Nasasira (Information and Communication Technology), Suleiman Madada (State for the Elderly), Henry Banyenzaki (Economic Monitoring) and Barbara Nekesa Oundo: State for Karamoja Affairs  

By Nelson Wesonga

Left out. President Museveni on Monday appointed 38 new persons to the Cabinet and dropped 35. In other cases, Mr Museveni transferred a minister from one ministry to another – as he did with his wife, Janet Kataha Museveni, whom he moved from Karamoja Affairs to the Education ministry. Some of those Mr Museveni dropped from the cabinet told Daily Monitor’s Nelson Wesonga they saw it coming and that, fortunately, they have always had something to fallback to.

Efforts to reach others, including Mr Jim Muhwezi (Information and National Guidance), Mr Asuman Kiyingi (State minister for Works), Ms Prisca Ssezi Mbaguta (State minister for Public Service), Ms Rebecca Amuge Otengo (State minister for Northern Uganda), Mr Fred Jacan Omach (State minister for Finance General Duties), Ms Rose Akol Okullu (Internal Affairs), failed.

John Nasasira: Information and Communication Technology

“I retired from elective politics [in 2016]. I was involved in an accident and since I had to go abroad for treatment, I informed my constituents I would not be in position to run for Parliament again. I am happy with the 27 years that I served as a Member of Parliament and a minister. I am not in the new cabinet. I will now focus on my private work as an engineer and a farmer. Definitely, I have not retired from working for the National Resistance Movement.”

Barbara Nekesa Oundo: State for Karamoja Affairs

“I am not bitter I have been left out of cabinet because there is a time for everything. God knows. I have not yet decided on my next move. I could decide tomorrow or even next week. I was committed to my constituents in Busia District in eastern Uganda.”

Henry Banyenzaki: Economic Monitoring
“ I am going to attend to my businesses. I am not bitter. I did my part; I have served the nation diligently. If those who fought against my reelection follow me in business, I will fight back. I support NRM. But in business, I would not want to mix it with politics.”

Fredrick Ruhindi: Attorney General
“I will be at Ruhindi & Company Advocates in Kampala. I look back to my time [in politics] with a lot of gratitude. I appreciate the people of Nakawa [in Kampala] who gave me an opportunity to serve them. I appreciate the appointing authority who found it fit to appoint me to the Cabinet [then].

Suleiman Madada: State for the Elderly

“I thank the President for having given me an opportunity to serve Uganda. There are many Ugandans he could have chosen. I served in the ministry for 10 years nonstop. Since I was active before I joined politics, I will never be idle; I am enterprising. I have institutions of learning and a foundation that deals with employment issues that I run.

Sarah Kataike Ndoboli: State for Luweero Triangle

“ I saw it coming. But I am not bitter with the appointing authority. Actually, I thank the appointing authority for having me serve in the previous Cabinet. I also have been working with Gen Salim Saleh, the chairperson Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). So OWC is the immediate address I could go to.