New Education Service Commission chairperson sworn in

Saturday November 09 2019

Prof Samuel Abimelech Luboga. Courtesy photo

The new chairperson for the Education Service Commission (ESC) has pledged to ensure that teachers appointed are of the necessary calibre, well-motivated and ready to do a good job.

“I will make sure that the reputation of the Education Service Commission remains high and grows more,” Prof Samuel Abimelech Luboga, said during his swearing ceremony at the High Court in Kampala on Friday afternoon.

While gracing the function, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe expressed the need for the country to improve more on the education system.

"Every country is trying to do something about their education system, how you train teachers and appoint them in schools is important. The future of our country lays within the young people, so the type and quality of education we give them matters,” he said.

“I am glad your commission is now fully constituted so that you can now go on with the work. This is a very singular responsibility that has been bestowed upon you Prof Luboga and I am glad it has not taken too long to constitute the ESC fully,” Mr Katureebe added.

At the same function, people from two other commissions were also sworn in. They are Mr Cox Joel Ojuko, the vice chairperson Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Ms Denise Tumusiime as a member for that same commission and Ms Stella Achan, the member of Uganda Land Commission.


Justice Katureebe tasked Mr Ojuko and Ms Tumusiime to promote the agenda of EOC for which it was created, that is, to recognize the need to have every Ugandan citizen participate in the smooth running of the country irrespective of gender, disabilities and tribe.

He (Katureebe) as well advised Ms Achan to look into issues to do with administering public land and the policies that come out of the land commission.