No parallel liberation day celebrations shall be allowed – govt

Wednesday January 24 2018

Minister for presidency, Esther Mbayo.

The government has cautioned the opposition and any other groups against any plot to hold parallel liberation day celebrations.

The caution was sounded by the minister for presidency Esther Mbayo during a press conference at media centre ahead of the celebrations slated for Friday January 26, 2018.

She said every time government organizes a national function, there are groups that threaten to organized parallel arrangements. She said this will not be tolerated this time round.

“I am just warning whoever is organizing to stage a parallel function to desist from it because the long arm of the law will catchup with him,” minister Mbayo said.

She said there will be only one national function accepted that day and it will be held at Boma grounds in Arua Municipality.

“So whoever wants to stage parallel arrangements should stand warned,” Mbayo said.


She added that all Ugandans should join in the celebrations because of the great achievements realized during the 32 years rule of the NRM/NRA government, with the country’s progress under the regime unstoppable.

She emphasized the need for working together to develop the country.
“Let us get together and ensure that there is growth in our country and that peace prevails,” Minister Mbayo appealed.

She said at the function to be presided over by President Yoweri Museveni, 200 medals are to be given out to different individuals for their various contributions towards the liberation struggle and the country’s development.

Meanwhile, responding to questions about the recent insecurity in the city and other parts of the country, the minister said these were times of turbulence that can be experienced in any other country.
She gave assurance that government would deal with the organized criminal groups that are causing havoc.

“You have witnessed several arrests and the government wants to assure Ugandans that the country is still safe and we shall deal with the organized groups that want to disturb the peace of Ugandans,” the minister said.

She further said government is working hard to resolve the current clashes within the security agencies.

“Of course issues are there, but government is going to iron out the issues pertaining security. We all know we have the commander in chief of the armed forces who is none other than General Yoweri Museveni, he over sees security and is aware of what is going on,” Mbayo said.

This year’s NRM liberation day celebration is running under the theme “Uganda’s liberation a significant contribution to our present and future development.”

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