Police foil Busoga University students’ strike

Tuesday January 24 2017
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One of the students arrested being whisked away on a police truck. Photo by Tausi Nakato

IGANGA. Police have deployed in various parts of Iganga Municipality to stop students of Busoga University from holding a “peaceful” demonstration, following the closure of the university.

Last December National Council for higher Education (NCHE) revoked the university’s provisional license and cancelled degrees that had been awarded to more than 1,000 students.

Majority of students who received “fake” degrees and certificates were from Nigeria and South Sudan.

Iganga District Police Commander Nasibu Nditta said the students never informed them about their intended demonstration or meetings.

“Students had to write and inform us about their intended meeting so that we provide them with security, we can’t accept such illegal demonstration to happen in our area because outsiders can join them and cause havoc,” Mr Nditta said.

After the flopped demonstration, Mr Nasibu held a meeting with some of the student leaders at Iganga Resource Centre where he ordered them to cancel all their intended meetings until they get permission from Police.