Sneak peek into Prof Baryamureeba’s presidential manifesto

After declaring his intention to stand for presidency in the 2016 general elections, former Makerere University VC Prof Venansius Baryamureeba quickly gave a hint of what should be expected in his manifesto. Here are quick notes from his speech:

I have been a politician all my life. To head a university is politics. Elective processes are politics. You need someone who can redirect this country, someone who is good at management. There were no financial scandals while I was at MUK. Please look at the Auditor General's report.

My first priority is to direct the budget of the country to sectors that are forgotten. Put 20% of the budget to education. 15% of the budget to health.

Iam going to push for functional regional governments. One to overlook national issues and the other local that we do not have issues of a president opening taps boreholes and small dams.

Political Joker?
I am not just an academician; I am someone who is way beyond that. Iam not looking for a position in the current government. I'm very serious about standing for president.

If you have what Ugandans need, you get the support you need. I have all the support I need. I have friends who will fund.

You do not come out when you know you are not going to win. I know I am going to win this election

We owe this country good leadership. You do not have to be a soldier.

Health sector
Uganda used to be the hub of education? What happened? Our health system is also ailing. When people die in hospitals, is that a sign of a developing country or a country moving backwards?

In terms of modern security, Iam the best candidate. I will be monitoring security from my office in State House.

Being someone whom is good at management and governance, I am able to work with people regarding these issues. I am ready for this task.

I have researched on all issues of this country and I have a solution for them

The decision
Several Ugandans across the political divide have approached me about standing. Two parties already want to endorse me. I don't want to be a spokesperson of any party but they'll come out and tell you.

Meanwhile, Barya does not mention party under whose umbrella he will be standing for president in 2016.

I, indeed went to Ibanda South and contested for MP. That election was rigged. They asked me to return but I couldn't.

Any Ugandan below 75, above 35, with at least an A-level qualification can contest. I have that. Turns out it's my birthday

Term limits and corruption
We must have term limits. Things like corruption would go down if term limits were reinstated