Police investigate murder of two-year-old South Sudan refugee girl

Thursday April 05 2018
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South Sudan witchdoctor arrested over death of two-year-old refugee

Police in Lamwo District in northern Uganda are investigating the gruesome murder of a two-year-old South Sudan refugee girl in Palabek Ogili settlement centre.
The girl went missing on March 21 before her body was found dumped in a nearby swamp days later.

Authorities suspect she was killed in a ritual sacrifice
Mr Christopher Omal, Palabek- Ogili LC III Chairperson, said the Child disappeared from Zone A, Block 3 under unclear circumstances.
Mr Omal adds that the attackers cut off her right hand and private parts in what appears to be a ritual sacrifice.

One suspect arrested
Police have arrested a witchdoctor also a South Sudan national to help in the investigations.
The suspect is being held at Lamwo Central Police Station for questioning.
Police say the witch doctor had promised to find the missing girl on conditions that he is paid.

He is alleged to be the same person who spotted the body of the girl reportedly dumped in a swamp before notifying the parents.
There are about 45,000 refugees who fled their homes in South Sudan in March last year and settled in Lamwo District in northern Uganda.
They fled after SPLA government forces launched an offensive against several rebel groups in Imatong state in South Sudan.

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