UPDF aircraft crash lands in Gulu

Wreckage of the UPDF training Aircraft that crash landed and burst
into flames at Patek Village in Bobi Subcounty Gulu District.

A training military aircraft of the UPDF Fourth Division on Thursday crash-landed in Gulu and burst into flames.
The incident happened at Patek Village, Bobi Sub-county in Gulu district. Nobody died.
The aircraft had one person on board and he survived with the help of a parachute that he had on him, according to the Deputy Fourth Division Spokesperson, Lt Willison Ogaba.

“We are happy that there is no life lost. I'm not a technical person to explain what could have caused the crash landing but the technical team will answer that at a later time,” he said.

An eyewitness and a resident of the area, Mr Robert Ocen, said he saw the aircraft moving at a terrible speed and heading to unlevelled ground before it crash-landed.

He added that the aircraft destroyed a pit-latrine, leaving its wreckage littered with human waste, before it caught fire.

In May this year, a UPDF helicopter crash-landed at Abalo-kodi in Atiak Sub-county in Amuru District, injuring a UPDF Captain on board.
The helicopter was flying from South Sudan back to Gulu UPDF fourth Division barracks.