Uganda cleared to import Ebola drugs

Tuesday June 18 2019

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng‏, the health minister

The health ministry has been cleared by to import drugs that would be used to treat Ebola patients.

“Happy to inform you all that we got clearance from both Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) and National Drug Authority (NDA) to bring in the Therapeutic treatment for #Ebola patients in the country,” Health minister, tweeted on Tuesday.

Uganda was last week once again found herself having to deal with Ebola after the ministry of health confirmed that three people who crossed from DR Congo into the country had been tested and found to have the virus. Of the three, two have passed on.

Although the country has in the past been hit by the deadly disease and lost many lives, lessons have been learnt and the country is in a much better position to deal with Ebola.