In pictures: Police batter Besigye supporters

Police beating up Dr Besigye’s supporters

In the wake of the release of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye on Tuesday, Ugandans are once again witnessing Police brutality.

There seems to be a departure from the tear gas and violent arrests that dominated past incidents. The new trend is of police officers and men including senior commanders pouncing on Dr Besigye’s supporters and onlookers with electric cables and clubs.

Boda boda cyclist wincing in pain after he was battered by police on Besigye trail

Some of the stick and gun wielding police officers deployed at at FDC head office at Najjanankumbi

The incidents, especially one on July 12 have attracted wide condemnation, throwing the country into the debate of Police’s professionalism. The force has urged those assaulted to lodge complaints and vowed to bring the errant officers to book.

While addressing his supporters at his home in Kasangati Wakiso District, Besigye condemned the act which he termed as police brutality.

In a televised interview on NTV, Government spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo said the act is orchestrated by police operation commanders who abusing their office.

Female police officers holding sticks that they used to beat up supporters of Besigye who were following him to FDC headquarters in Najjanakumbi on Wednesday. MONITOR PHOTOS