I forgive Dr Nyanzi, says Janet Museveni

Thursday March 30 2017

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni has said she will not get into any kind of 'confrontation' with Makerere University professor, Stella Nyanzi.

Nyanzi has in the recent past taken to criticizing the government through the use of abusive and vulgar language.

Ms Nyanzi this week, on her Facebook page launched a cyber-attack on the First Lady, where she called on Ugandans to donate a brain and educate her to better understand the everyday experiences of a school-going child.

"... She opened her empty brains and said, "Schools must now open at 08:00AM and close 05:00PM, as well as close over weekends!"
The empty-brained leopardess has sat silently for thirty-one years as a whole generation of Ugandans started school at six or seven and ended school at six or seven, sometimes even having night-time preps in boarding schools......" Ms Nyanzi wrote.

Ms Museveni says Nyanzi's behaviour has surprised her, adding that she is a setting a bad example as an educationist to the students under her guidance.

"She says people should give me a piece of brain, I am a fool..etc. I choose to forgive her," Ms Museveni says.


"I was told that there is an educationist called Nyanzi and she said so much about me, many people have been telling me: did you hear what this lady was talking about you, won’t you say something? I thank those people for their good will and concern that I was attacked. I do not know what wrong I committed to deserve that kind of language and abuses from Ms Nyanzi. I want to tell the people of Uganda that I forgive her, this so much anger and hatred is not good. We cannot have a teacher do this, it is a bad example to her students," she added.