We wish students good luck this term

Tuesday September 17 2019


By Editor

Yesterday saw many parents take their children back to school after a three-week holiday. This third term is the last stretch for those who are in the candidate classes, namely Primary Seven, Senior Four and Senior Six.

This is a term when pupils and students of these classes, as well as their parents and guardians, will have their nerves tested and patience tried as they prepare to sit the exams.

The administration of schools across the country will also be under pressure as parents, students and potential students wait to see how they will perform in the Primary Leaving Exams, Uganda Certificate of Education and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education exams.

Even with all the pressure and worry that might beset them, we urge parents not to put their candidate children under duress or make high demands of them.

Even though the exams are milestones in their lives, we know that children need to have enough sleep, eat well and have time to relax and rest their minds and bodies.

It is, therefore, important that parents ensure that their children get what they need. Teachers as well as parents must realise that good results are a product of not only hard, but also smart work.


If they have not invested the right time and resources to ensure that the children are prepared, they should not expect or hope for magical results. The time is now for them to act.

As expected, the Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) must be in high gear making final preparations for the exams.

It is only fitting that we wish all candidate classes well as they start the new and their final term.

Our advice to all candidate classes is that they should embark on a thorough revision and initiate group discussion, among other ways, as part of preparations for Uneb exams. What they should remember though, is that this is not the end but the start of a new journey they should cherish and embrace.