Kadaga’s agenda is anchored on well-being of citizens

Friday March 20 2020

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga 

By Sam Obbo

Rational and irrational debate on Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s views on the coronavirus is still taking centre stage in the print, electronic and social media. Sadly, the bulk of views, especially on social media, have been insulting. Some commentators have described Ms Kadaga, US pharmacologist Prof Sarfaraz Niaz, and biochemist Matthias Magoola as a trio that is buoyed by pecuniary interest! Some have even described them as quacks.

Hell was let loose literally on Tuesday when the Speaker announced that Prof Niaz, a revered scientist in the US, had teamed up with a local biochemist to help Uganda produce (various) medicines (for diverse ailments) and a sanitiser. The latter would instantly kill the coronavirus. Eager to reveal this piece of news, the Speaker’s emphasis was on ‘cure,’ meaning that if the disinfectant could immediately knock out the virus, then Ugandans and other people elsewhere would have literally been cured of the killer disease. The fact is and remains that a variety of drugs is to be manufactured by Magoola’s DEI Group.
The pharmaceutical firm is to churn out the novel sanitiser, which is supposed to keep Ugandans safe from instant infection - should the virus venture into Uganda.

The industries alluded to are being given a lease of life by Prof Niaz. Besides giving Uganda a free patent of the unique disinfectant, the acclaimed academic and pharmacist was in the country to guide DEI management on how best they can produce acceptable medicines; and how they can get approval from America’s Food and Drug Administration and other bodies in Europe.
Therefore, the tirade against the Speaker is uncalled for. Her agenda was and is still anchored on the well-being of Ugandans.
Sam Obbo,
Press Secretary to the
Speaker of Parliament