Semata: I will knock out Golola in just one round

Thursday August 1 2019

Semata (kicking) inflicted too much pain on

Semata (kicking) inflicted too much pain on Golola last October. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 


When Umar ‘The Pain’ Semata unleashed his pain to outclass Moses Golola last October, the latter made all manner of excuses including claims that “I lost because I was hungry.”
That provoked a rematch and his request was granted in June when renowned music promoters Balaam and Abitex agreed to co-organise the replay.

In the first fight Semata exhibited finesse and a killer instinct, while Golola was credited for his sheer will and fitness to last the distance.
But when the two face off again, you will have to be at the Freedom City auditorium early Saturday night, or you might miss the gist because Semata has warned to finish off his ‘loud rival’ in just one round.

“I have been training for this fight for two months and I’m ready to go all the way, but one of my sponsors offered a car if I knock Golola out in the first round and that’s what I will do,” a composed Semata vowed in an interview on NTV PressBox Monday night. “I’m gonna knock him out in one round.”

Golola ‘dodged’ the Tv show but when Semata reiterated his threats, at Sheraton Hotel yesterday, Golola retaliated with a fist. He swung a punch, Semata dodged it and it hurt a radio journalist.
Semata was the first Ugandan to defeat Golola but in the interview he showed respect for his opponent “for promoting kickboxing in Uganda.”
He also nominated him among the top three kickboxers in the country alongside Shakey Mubiru and Alex Matsiko.