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Thursday December 12 2019

Mps led by Odonga Otto welc0med Magogo from a

Mps led by Odonga Otto welc0med Magogo from a Fifa ban in style. Magogo was banned for two months for sellong World Cup tickets. Photo by John Batanudde 

By Denis Bbosa

Punishment or suspension is supposed to rehabilitate you, to make you see the blunder of your ways of life.

At the swanky Skyz Hotel in Naguru yesterday, there were traces of atonement as hitherto laid off Fufa president Moses Magogo made his grand return after 73 days out in the cold. Since being forced out of office by Fifa over the resale of 2014 World Cup tickets saga on October 10, Magogo is back where majority of his fervent admirers believe he belongs; at the top of the national football governing body.

His 20-minute speech began with a perplexing revelation that some ‘negative forces’ were out there to finish off him and the federation regime and ended on a bowing note not to surrender to people that are anti-football.

“We shall not give an opportunity to negative forces to take control of the game. Anyone hoping to come to Fufa without the proper schooling shall be fought, even when I’m not in office,” he told the adoring audience that included the 88 Fufa delegates, Netball and Basketball presidents and invited guests.

“When I declared that I would be stepping aside in Adjumani (on September 28), I was removing something from my path that was detracting me and the growth of football in Uganda.

“I’m very proud of myself of building a strong institution. If you look at the energies and money invested by the negative forces to bring down Fufa and it is still running, I must commend the secretariat,” he added.


Sandwiched by deputies Justus Mugisha and Darius Mugoye who have been holding fort in his absence, Magogo threatened to reveal the identity of the ‘negative forces at an appropriate time. Magogo reflected on the 14 years he has been ‘serving football’ without a break revealing he utilized the two months to reenergize, recharge batteries and engage the people of Budiope East – where he is reportedly set to stand as Member of Parliament in 2021.

“I’m glad that the government respected Fifa decision and I promise you we shall do our level best to serve the internal and external stakeholders of Ugandan football.”