Robert kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine FILE PHOTO

There has been so much talk about me in the media all over the world, threats and all because of my opinion about the gays.

Before anyone accuses me, it's important to understand where I'm coming from and I hope that is still with in the scope of humanity rights.

Uganda is a democratic country and I do not make the laws. However, It's my duty as a law abiding citizen to adhere to the law as required of me by the Constitution.
A few months ago, the President of Uganda, after extensive research and consultation, assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Act and 99 per cent of Ugandans were in support.
This statement was blown out of proportion by self seeking opportunists who hope to gain a quick buck and of course political hegemony, taking advantage of our vulnerability as a nation.

It's a misinterpretation to say that Uganda wants to kill homosexuals because the biggest section for the offenders (aggravated homosexuality with a minor where the offender is HIV positive) is life imprisonment and not death.
The intention of the Act is to stop promotion and exhibition of homosexual practices. In fact, degenerate passions can be regulated by discipline and the benefit of the law is to create standard behaviour for us Ugandans.

Like wise therefore, I am personally not out to threaten the life of any individual based on their sexual Orientation, I just DO NOT agree with them.

This is my opinion and happens to be that of 99 per cent Ugandans/Africans basing on our culture, religion and Constitution.

The rationale of this law is rooted in the doctrine of sustainable development to the effect that if we are truly to be fair, we cannot leave a world worse than we inherited it.
Freedom should not compromise inter-generational equity and human rights should not be an excuse for acts that are counter societal progress.

Homosexuality may be a phenomenal that has lived in the nooks of society and as humanity requires, I sympathise with the victim, in the confines of the word victim and most definitely sympathy should not be misinterpreted as endorsement.

How be it, I completely fail to understand the pride and why the gays are so happy about it. If my opinion makes me third world, then I am happy to be.

As a role model in this dear country, on matters of public interest, I'm expected to air out an opinion that is not manipulated by sycophancy, fear or favour. And as far as this is concerned, I hope that the proponents of homosexuality who pride themselves in their liberalism and support for human rights, will allow me my right of expression much as they may not be comfortable with my opinion.

The bottom line is that we should struggle to better our selves and it's not fair when one tries to "arm-twist" society to legalise bad habits just because they have a sponsor. We just can't compromise our Values and Dignity.