My Easter gift goes to…

Wednesday April 17 2019


By Joan Salmon

Easter is an opportune time to remind family and friends about how much you appreciate them and the importance they have in your life. In recent years, the idea of signifying this with Easter gifts has grown in popularity, and now it is becoming more commonplace to spread the joy with some nice Easter gifts.
Easter is a great time to give a little something as most people are not really expecting anything. A thoughtful present will be a welcome surprise.

Denis Adia
I would gift the late Joyce Angucia because she took me into her home when I was at my lowest. I had been discriminated against but she took me in and gave me all the basic needs. Her biological children were loving enough to allow their mother pay my tuition even when they were sometimes sent home for delayed fees payment. Unfortunately death took her away from me. I am forever grateful that a widow like her could afford to raise an orphan like me whose village she did not even know.

Joan Atukunda
I will be gifting my mother because she has supported me and pushed me to make sure that I achieve my dream of being a fashion designer. When I started, I had no capital or materials but she gave me all that, but mostly allowing me to share her sewing machine yet she had clients too. Since she loves beautiful bags and shoes, I will buy for her the best.

Paul Kitaka
I will gift my mother because she has been there for me through thick and thin. I have observed from childhood that she can do anything for me and regardless of all my mischief while growing up, she has never given up on me. At the moment, the gift I can give to her is a prayer for a long beautiful life and good health.

Eliot Esabu
I would gift the destitute or street children because we preach the good news to the poor. The gift is in terms of spiritual food because that was what Jesus meant. My reference is to the lame man at the gate called Beautiful who was given healing so he would become independent. He needed it more than alms. These children need love and Christ is love.

Catherine Asere
This season just like every other seasons I will be gifting my favourite man - my father, with an African printed shirt from Ghana because he is a man of culture man who loves them very much. I will gift him because he has always been there for me, even in the worst moments of my life. He goes out of his way to lend a helping hand without passing any judgement despite everyone throwing criticism.


Hilda Nakaddu
I will gift my parents because they have supported me physically and emotionally and been pivotal to the growth of my career. They always pray for me and my siblings and I believe that this prayer has been pivotal in making me what I am today. This Easter we plan on preparing them a lovely meal.

Khan Raziya
I will gift my husband for he has been such a strong pillar in my life. I will gift him with a pair of shoes and a perfume. I will also gift our son with lots of toys more so building blocks to help him become more creative. I believe that it will also help to develop his cognitive skills.

What does Easter means to you?

The meaning of Easter, for millions of Christians, is that of honouring and recognizing Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, and His glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Him. Readers share what Easter means to them.

Moses Talibita
He is risen. If there was no resurrection, there would be no Christians because Easter gives reason for our faith. More to that, there would be no reason for believing in heaven and a hope for better life.

Thomas Twesige
Easter is about remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is also usually a time to gather as a family and reflect on the goodness of the lord. However, it has always been taxing in terms of prepping for the long journey to and from the village. It is also quite costly because a journey to village means that you cannot go empty handed.

Joshua Lubega
Easter is a time I use to reflect on what Christ really went through and how I would feel if it were me. I am also reminded that people are taking that sacrifice for granted with all the evil happening in the world today. All this reflection puts me back in line and forces me to repent all my sins and get closer to God.

Anne Atim
Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. I have grown up to know with all I am nothing without Him. That aside, there is no celebration without food and trust me, there is a lot of eating involved at this time of the year. If Easter is not celebrated at my parents’ home, then one of my elder siblings hosts us and it is amazing. Generally, it is all about family and there is a lot of catching up.