The place to relax in Nakapiripirit

Friday November 1 2013

The place to relax in Nakapiripirit

Hill View Resort has a spectacular view of Mt Kadam and offers meals, accommodation and entertainment. Photo by Abdulaziizi K. Tumusiime. 

By Abdulaziizi K. Tumusiime

Seven years ago, I made a new friend in Ian Foster, a muzungu from the United Kingdom. Foster was a conversational chap.

In the short period that we were in touch, he shared with me many of his life experiences but, the most memorable one was his journey to Uganda.

He had never been to the country and neither did he know anyone who had visited. The only guide at hand was the internet. I am not giving free MBs for guessing the information he came across. It is obvious.

Anyway, most of the sites he visited got him concluding that ours was a war-torn country with malaria rich citizens. It goes without saying that there are some which sold the country as the best to visit in sub – Saharan Africa.

Not one whose will to visit the country could be wavered; he went ahead with his trip. Reaching the country, Foster was surprised to find that people can walk a stretch of 10km without wearing bullet proof vests or combat helmets. He could not believe that we do not walk or work under mosquito nets to get respite from the African mosquitoes. He was given a false picture.

Similarly, when Karamoja or Nakapiripirit District in particular, is mentioned, many a people who have not been there and are on the receiving end of negative press about the region, think of two things- among others; Manyatas – grass thatched huts and cattle rustling. This lot is disillusioned when they visit because there are nice places there. One of the places to look out for is Hill View Resort.


The place to be
The resort which sits on an acre of land is found in Nakapiripirit town. As one draws closer to it, one needs no explanation of why it’s named Hill View. The resort is located at the foothills of the beautiful Mountain Kadam.

So, there is no better view around the facility, than one offered by the mountain. The resort has pride in its “home away from home” accommodation facilities, the reason it is popular among the staff of the different NGOs working in the region. One can opt to spend a night in one of the six cottages or the rooms in the other blocks at the resort.

All cottages are self-contained with king sized beds. Shs51,000 is charged for a night in the cottages and Shs46,000 or Shs36,000 for rooms in the rest of the blocks. This amount is inclusive of breakfast.

However, electricity is only switched on in the evenings between 7pm to 11pm. This is because the hotel runs on a generator since the process of electricity connection in the district is not yet complete. The resort has a conference hall that can sit up to 200 people.

The resort mostly prepares the local dishes. Sauces like chicken, beef and beans are available together with any food of one’s choice.

For one who has not tasted the sorghum bread, it is advisable to try it, during one’s stay at the resort. French fries are also on the menu.

One can accompany their food with the beverages on sale. These include sodas, beers and spirits.

There is a pool table and darts. Residents can entertain themselves by playing either game. It is free. There is also a television set which is connected to DStv. So, one can keep up with current affairs by watching news, or one could opt for a soccer match or movies.

Thus, when you think of an “okay” accommodation (while Nakapiripirit), think of Hill View Resort.

If you go:
When it is open: Monday to Sunday
Cost for accommodation: Between Shs36,000 and Shs51,000 per night
Prices of drinks: Shs1500 for soda and water
Food: Between Shs6,000 and Shs8,000
Reservations: To book for your room, call on 0776589937 or 0751589937