VJ Matovu is one of the Luganda voices in your Indian movies

Mary Stuart Matovu is the voice behind most of the interpreted movies in Kampala’s video libraries. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi.

What you need to know:

For almost seven years now, he has voiced over popular movies and series in Luganda, and won over a certain group of movie funs. Arafat Ndugga reveals the face to this voice.

Do you speak English fluently?
Yes, I do even though it is not my mother tongue. That is how I’m able to translate movies for those that do not understand English well, but also to make the movies more interesting.

What schools did you attend?
I went to Bat Valley primary school, Highway College and finally Happy hours secondary school.

When did start Video Joking?
I started in 2007 when my brother Heavy Q (also VJ) left for USA and I decided to continue with the business since I also had a similar voice. Besides, it is fun.

What does it take to do this work?
First of all, you have to know English. Then you have to carry out research and consult professionals like doctors or lawyers for the movie that have law or health to minimise blunders and misinterpretation.
Any challenges?
It takes a lot of time to watch these movies, and analyse them, especially since Americans speak very fast.
You also do not socialise much since I spend most time watching and translating these movies.
What was your first pay and how much was it?
It came from some CD selling company in Kampala that offered me Shs400, 000.
Do you change the story line in these translated movies?
No, I cannot since most people who watch these translated movies know English.

Do you make alot of money from this job?
Ha ha… for personal reasons, I will not say much about money, but I have done things like construct my house, bought cars, plots of land, etc.

Do u have a girlfriend or perhaps a wife?
Ha-ha...I have a wife, not a girlfriend.

What do you mean?
I have two children with her, so, I do not consider her as just girlfriend but my wife although haven’t married her officially. I’m taking things slow as we study each other so that we can make a better couple in future.

Anything you miss about bachelorhood?
Nothing much. I have benefited alot from my relationship. I’m more responsible.

Any annoying thing in your relationship?
No. But when it arises, we discuss and sort it out.
What do Ugandan men look for in a woman?
Men have differences in taste and preference when selecting women but I know most of them focus on behaviour, good character, constructive minds, responsibility and she has to be understanding.

Would you date a woman who earns more than you do?
That would depend. If I met her already making more than I did, we would just work out how to balance out things. But I’m against it since most women use their money to degrade their men.
Would you date a sugar mummy?
Heck no! What for? I’m satisfied with my wife and so those who have them are just lazy men who want free things.

Why is today’s men not paying the bills?

That is laziness since most of them think woman emancipation includes women taking over responsibility and settling bills from them.
What do you wish women knew about men?
Nothing specific. God created us different to discover each other so that it may be interesting and fun.
Any advice for men on how to handle women?
Understand them through communication.

Should a man know his girlfriend’s friends?
Yes, it helps to screen out since they might inject vices in her that may damage the relationship.
Would you prefer to get a wife from rural areas?
A woman is a woman, irrespective of where she is from. If she has come in a relationship to steal, then she will. Cheating is done by both rural and urban women.

My views on relationships

Pillars for a strong relationship
Honest, trust and faithfulness.

I do not support it since I’m a Christian, but I guess for the Muslims it is okay since their religion accepts multiple relationships.

It is bad but the cheaters claim they could not help it due to their partner’s short comings.

I’m guilty of that, but I think it allows you to know your partner better.

The woman’s tip for winning over a man
Have faith and keep the hope that one day you will get the man of your dreams.