The 2022 Toyota Land cruiser TX-L gives you value for money

What you need to know:

The seven-seater vehicle will not only cover approximately 12kms per litre of fuel on the highway, but its spare parts are easy to get and affordable.

Fredrick Taremwa loves his Toyota Land Cruiser TX-L 2022 model for a number of reasons. For instance, previous models were predominantly manufactured with manual transmissions, a feature he says endeared them to a number of motorists because they performed better, especially off-road.

“My particular model was manufactured with an automatic transmission. When driving off-road, it gives me the same engine power and performance as one with a manual transmission. Before acquiring the 2022 model, I had the 2019 model but with it, I faced the challenge of the engine turning off whenever I drove uphill. With the 2022 automatic version, it is all about steering well no matter the steepness of the hill and it will manoeuvre through any kind of terrain,” Taremwa says.


Built with a 2800cc automatic transmission diesel engine, Taremwa says the 2022 model Land Cruiser TX-L will give you value for money. In terms of consumption, depending on the weight of your acceleration foot, the seven-seater vehicle covers approximately 12km per litre of fuel on the highway since in this case, the engine will be performing at a faster speed. This is as compared to driving in urban areas where traffic is slow. In this case, the car will cover approximately eight kilometres per litre of fuel. 

Apart from having improved mileage per litre of fuel, the Land Cruiser TX-L was also given improved carrying capacity. The boot space was fitted with two extra seats, meaning it can comfortably accommodate seven passengers; the driver co-driver and a three seat row for the middle. Unfortunately, the two rear seats were not fitted with seat belts. Besides, the passengers at the rear will not be comfortable as those in the middle and front. 

If you are travelling upcountry with luggage to carry, the middle and rear seat rows can be folded to create more luggage space.

Safety features

From a safety perspective, the Land Cruiser TX-L comes with side airbags fitted in all doors, as well as front airbags to shield you from injuries in case of a head-on collision. When reversing, the vehicle’s smart screen that is positioned in the middle of the dashboard will alert you of your surroundings before making any moves. The reverse mode will also draw blue lines in which you can reverse safely without ramming into objects. The same screen will also draw one red line.

“When you attempt to reverse beyond the red line, with the help of the four sensors at the rear, the vehicle will sound an alarm as a warning that you are about to crash objects at the rear. If the reverse space is not enough for you to park in reverse mode, the vehicle will equally make an alarm. This means that the spot you want to park is not safe for the car,” Taremwa says.

The car’s inbuilt speakers are well amplified, giving you ample sound output to keep you entertained, especially when travelling for long distances. To avoid causing road crashes by using your phone, the vehicle allows you to control music using its smart screen by connecting its Bluetooth system to that of your phone.


Like any other vehicle, if you want to realise uninterrupted maximum performance from the TX-L, it is advisable to service it on time, as per the recommended mileage on the service manual. For instance, Taremwa is recommended to service his car after covering 5,000km.

“If I have had frequent journeys especially out of Kampala City Centre for field work, I will visit the garage before reaching the 5,000km mark. This helps curb wear and tear that is easy to pinpoint since it usually does not immediately affect performance. It is also safe to stick to one type of oil for compatibility with the engine no matter how expensive it is instead of trying out different types that can easily cause engine damage,” Taremwa advises.

If you are to replace any spare parts, it is still advisable to stick to genuine parts from the dealership where you are assured of warranty instead of buying parts from roadside garages. The downside to these garages is that spare parts that appear new and wrapped in boxes are sometimes fake and will be sold cheaply.

“Take time to find out where you can get genuine parts that will serve you longer instead of zeroing down to what you think you need because it is cheaper. Cheap will become expensive when you will have to always visit the garage for repairs,” Taremwa says. 

Difference between TX and TZ

The key difference between TX and TZ is the power and performance. Another component that makes these trims different is the price. Prado TX is the cheapest, while TZ is expensive with Zenon lights, a sunroof, and comfortable electric seats. Prado TX offers less powerful variants around 2.4-3L.

The Land Cruiser Prado 150 is available with various engine options, including a 2.7-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, a 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine, and a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. It also features a four-wheel drive system with a locking centre differential and an available Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System that adjusts to the terrain to enhance off-road performance.