Auris is fuel efficient, stable on the road

What you need to know:

The Auris comes with four engine variations; 1300cc, 1400cc, 1600cc and 1800cc, with diesel and petrol hybrid respectively. For many motorists, this makes it fuel-friendly and affordable to maintain

Doreen Musiimenta 

I  have had my Toyota Auris for three years and it was my first car. As a first time car owner, I wanted a small car with an engine capacity below 1500cc and the Auris’s 1300cc was well within my range.

In the three years I have had it, service usually costs between Shs120,000 and it only goes up to Shs150,000 when I replace the brake pads, engine oil and fuel filter. When there is a part that needs replacement, my trusted mechanic does all the sourcing. Since I am not sure of the cost of many parts, this has kept me away from being cheated.

I refuel once a month since a full tank carries 50 litres. This keeps me going for a month from my home in Kira in Wakiso District to my workplace in Ntinda, Kampala.

Martha Mugabe

I bought the Toyota Auris in March. It is a car I would recommend for first time car owners, especially women. When I bought it, I replaced some parts such as the tyres, air cleaner, fuel filter and spark plugs because I did not want to get stuck on the road. Although cars bought from the bond are usually presumed to be new, this is not the case.

I spent Shs1.5m on service initially but since then, I do not spend more than Shs100,000 each time i take the car for service. I mostly carry out preventive maintenance. Much as the Auris is not popular on Ugandan roads, its spare parts are readily available with local dealers and at affordable prices.

It has a push-to-start button, which I think is an added security feature since no one can start it without its initial sensor keys, unless if it is towed away.

It also has enough legroom for the driver and co-driver, as well as enough headroom for tall drivers. It is also a small car that can easily fit in the smallest parking space. Besides, I can also wash it myself and this not only takes one hour but also saves me a lot of money.

Sam Mwanda

I bought the Auris as my third car because I wanted a car I could rely on for city errands, baring in mind the fluctuating fuel prices. My other cars, a Tundra and Lexus LX570 consume a lot of fuel when driving in slow moving traffic in Kampala and it is where the much more fuel economical and efficient Auris comes in handy because of its 1600cc engine.

Much as it gives better mileage per litre, one of the downsides it has is low ground clearance. If you live in places with rough bumpy roads, you have to drive cautiously to avoid causing damage to the front bumper and the underneath parts such as the oil sump that are costly to replace. The other downside is that its boot is too small and limits you on what you can carry.

Much as it is a small car with a small engine, it is stable at relatively high speeds below 120km/hour. I have driven it on the highway and it covers approximately 14km per litre of fuel and 10km per litre when driving within Kampala.


Maximum power 105 -147ps

Drive Type AWD/FF

Engine capacity 1,196 - 1,797cc

Consumption 14 - 19km/L