Can I ignore my car tyre pressure monitoring system?

I have on several occasions found myself with a flat tyre yet, according to the tyre monitoring system, all is well. Is it safe to rely on my tyre pressure monitoring system? Greta.

Hello Greta, you may need to replace faulty tyre pressure sensors on your car. Regardless, it is good to rely on the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to help you monitor tyre pressure for road safety and convenience. Deflated tyres, slow punctures or over inflated tyres will reduce road safety because they affect car handling and cause loss of control depending on how fast you are driving. Flat tyres can also cause inconvenience and insecurity if they leave you stranded at night, in the middle of nowhere.

That is why the TPMS is a handy feature that brings to your attention the sudden drop of tyre pressure in the event of a puncture. TPMS receives tyre pressure information from tyre pressure sensors fitted on the valves of each wheel and powered by long life miniature batteries. The TPMS sensors are not fail proof. They usually have a lifespan of five to 10 years, at which time their sealed batteries might fail.

When the sensors fail, you need to replace them and often, they are not readily available but can be imported if you are determined. Occasionally, TPMS sensors can be damaged by tyre technicians during demounting or tyre replacement. Regardless of their maintenance challenges, the TPMS system should be relied upon if your car has a functional one. A routine manual check of the tyre pressure at the nearest fuel station before any trip can help confirm if your tyre pressure is okay.
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