I can easily fuel my Impreza Station Wagon

What you need to know:

A station wagon by design, the 2008 Subaru Impreza is gaining popularity on Ugandan roads. Much as it is loved for its speed, the Impreza’s fuel consumption is also manageable, writes Roland D. Nasasira

Ivan Bwire 

I have had my Subaru Impreza Station Wagon for 18 months. It runs on a 2500cc engine that is user-friendly in terms of fuel consumption compared to the 2008 model Subaru Outback. The Impreza has a somewhat big engine but it consumes less fuel.

For instance, when I refill with Shs150,000, I will refuel again after 10 days of commuting daily from my home in Mutungo in Wakiso District to Nakasero where I work. When a litre of fuel cost Shs4,100, the same amount would keep me on the road for almost two weeks but this is no longer possible due to an increase in fuel prices.

When well maintained, the Impreza is a car you can rely on because it rarely breaks down. Every time I go for service, I replace the air cleaner because it is one of the most important components of this car. When you have clean air getting into the engine, its performance will never disappoint you as long as you also maintain enough fuel levels to avoid damaging the fuel filter. 

Every time I go for service, I spend Shs200,000 on minor repairs such as brake pads, air cleaner, oil and fuel filters and engine coolant. I replace the spark plugs upon recommendation from the mechanic because they are sometimes still in a good condition at the time of service.

Joel Baguma

I like the Subaru Impreza because of how fast it picks speed and the comfort it provides. When driving long distances, it gives you the feel of a sports car. Much as its 2500cc engine is fast, it is equally powerful even when you have a light acceleration foot. The heavier your foot is, the faster it will go. At this point, it does not consume a lot of fuel. As the speed increases, the consumption rate goes down.

The other important aspect is that its spare parts can be sourced locally and are, therefore, affordable. However, not every mechanic understands these cars. You have to stick to one mechanic who understands your car’s mechanical history.

Because it is my daily car, I service it every three months at a cost of about Shs300,000. However, some mechanical problems such as overheating are better handled quickly to avoid further damage.

Alex Taremwa 

Apart from the reliability and comfort the Subaru Impreza gives, I hate the fact that there is insufficient legroom for passengers in the rear seats. The trunk is also relatively small and cannot carry a lot of cargo when I travel upcountry. The other downside is that it has a somewhat low ground clearance which makes it hard to drive on uneven roads.

On the other hand, it has a number of storage pockets in the dashboard and the door sides. Unlike the Subaru Outback that is longer, the length of the Impreza allows you manoeuvre through small spaces without much struggle.  

With a 2500cc engine, I drive a distance of eight kilometres per litre in Kampala’s traffic jam and approximately 14km per litre on the highway. When there is slow moving traffic, the mileage covered reduces slightly. 


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