The eco-friendly Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric unveiled

The all-new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric

What you need to know:

This vehicle emits fewer greenhouse gases than traditional cars, contributing to reduced air pollution and a smaller carbon footprint

In an event held at Motiv Uganda, CFAO Motors introduced the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric, marking a transformative addition to Uganda's automotive landscape. This self-charging hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) seamlessly blends Toyota's expertise in hybrid technology with the country’s increasing focus on eco-friendly driving.

The Corolla Cross HEV offers enhanced efficiency and performance by combining an electric motor with a gasoline engine. Beyond its technological prowess, the vehicle redefines the driving experience, emphasizing comfort, drivability, ride comfort, and safety features. The Corolla Cross HEV is set to be a game-changer, embodying a balanced mix of cutting-edge technology, fuel efficiency, and renowned Toyota quality.

The vehicle is also an excellent choice for consumers looking for a vehicle that is easy to maintain and has lower running costs. The vehicle requires less maintenance, saving owners money over time. The self-charging hybrid vehicle is simple and lighter than other plug-in options, making it easy to fit into your existing routines. If you’re coming out of a gasoline vehicle, you won’t need to change any of your driving habits.

In alignment with Uganda's commitment to environmental consciousness, CFAO Motors proudly introduces the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric—a compelling choice for environmentally conscious consumers. This vehicle emits fewer greenhouse gases than traditional cars, contributing to reduced air pollution and a smaller carbon footprint.

Thomas Pelletier, the Managing Director of CFAO Motors in Uganda, shared his enthusiasm, remarking, "This represents a notable milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. It’s our pleasure to actively support Uganda's initiatives for carbon neutrality. As part of the CFAO Group's overarching strategy, we are dedicated to expediting the development of new mobility solutions in Africa. Expect the rollout of additional innovative solutions across our current brands, as well as the introduction of new ones, as we work towards positioning Uganda at global standards."

Edwin Muhumuza, Country Sales Manager at CFAO Motors in Uganda, emphasized the strategic importance of the Corolla Cross HEV in the market. "It's not just a new vehicle; it's a commitment to a sustainable driving experience. As Uganda focuses more on Hybrid Electric technology, we offer an excellent choice with advanced technology and eco-friendly features."

Thomas Pelletier, the Managing Director of CFAO Motors in Uganda

Highlighting the seamless integration of Toyota's Hybrid Electric System (THS) technology, he explained, "The THS ensures a harmonious blend of fuel efficiency and performance, with the engine charging the battery via the generator. In certain conditions, such as slow-moving traffic, the petrol engine can cut off, letting the electric motor take over for zero-emissions traveling."

With the Uganda government's eco-friendly incentives of 0% import duty tax on Hybrid Electric vehicles, the brand new, zero-mileage Corolla Cross HEV is priced attractively at USD 39,500 (Shs151M), offering a compelling option for consumers. This includes 2-year free service and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty to provide the customer peace of mind. The warranty can only be offered by CFAO Motors, the exclusive manufacturer authorized distributor for Toyota vehicles and genuine spare parts in Uganda.