The Isis is a practical and convenient car

What you need to know:

Because the Isis features wide-opening panoramic doors, it is easy to get on and off. It is also loved by motorists because of its reliability, fuel economy and interior space, writes Roland D. Nasasira

Martin Bukenya  

I bought my Toyota Isis in 2021 shortly after the lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak. My family had grown during the lockdown and I needed a spacious car that would transport my children to and from school. I had wanted a bigger family van such as the Toyota Alphard but I was limited by my budget of not more than Shs30m.

Also, I wanted a family car with an engine capacity of not more than 2000cc and the Toyota Isis was the perfect choice because it runs on a 1800cc yet spacious.

I live in Buwaate, a Kampala suburb, and my children go to school in Kamwokya. With the 1800cc engine, I spend Shs200,000 on fuel per week. After taking the children to school, I drive to my workplace in Kololo and pick them from school at 4pm before the evening traffic jam has built up.

Apart from having the capacity to accommodate seven passengers, one of the downsides of the Toyota Isis is its low ground clearance. To solve this, I used spacers to increase its ground clearance because some road sections in Buwaate are impassable when it rains.

Irene Agaba 

I  am an events planner and quite often, I would drive long distances to different parts of the country with luggage in my car. I previously owned a Toyota Allex but it was not big enough to carry fragile stuff such as cakes and glasses.

After researching about a van-like low maintenance car to buy, I zeroed down to the Isis which offered ample interior space.

The middle and rear seat rows can recline to create a flat space which allows me to carry a lot of luggage.

When I am travelling upcountry for weekend getaways with my family or friends, the Toyota Isis comes in handy. It not only accommodates seven people, but also gives better fuel economy over long distances.

On the highway, I cover approximately 12km per litre of fuel.

When driving for long distances, the Isis offers ample legroom for the driver and co-driver and middle seats passengers, unlike the two seats at the rear.  

Eddie Kayemba

I use the Toyota Isis for commercial purposes. It is a multipurpose, reliable and economical car depending on what you use it for. When I have a client with a lot of luggage, I just adjust the passenger seats to create more space. Also, eight clients can comfortably sit in the car without being uncomfortable.

Because it is almost my daily drive, it takes me a shorter time to cover the 5,000km prescribed on the service manual. Depending on the journeys I have made, I can cover 5,000km in two to three months. Each time I do service, I spend approximately Shs250,000.

This will help me replace engine oil, oil and fuel filters and brake pads. Parts such as air filters and spark plugs are replaced upon my mechanic’s recommendation since they are in most cases still in good mechanical condition at the time of service.