The Toyota Voxy is a multipurpose family van

A Toyota Voxy. 

What you need to know:

  • For these motorists, while it is mainly used as a family van, the Toyota Voxy can also be used as a cargo van. Motorists love the Voxy because it is reliable, fuel-efficient and affordable to maintain, writes Roland D. Nasasira.

Esther Bagaaya   
I wanted to buy a family car and was thinking of a number of options including the Toyota Noah, Toyota Isis and the Toyota Alphard. I also thought of the Mercedes Benz V-Class which is big enough to carry eight people but I was concerned about the maintenance costs. After a bit more research, I settled on the Toyota Voxy. As a family, we often travel together either for functions or for weekend getaways. I am happy that the Voxy has a sitting capacity of eight, which is suitable for my big family. 

Approximately two years since I bought it, I have found the Voxy to be economical with fuel consumption because it runs on a 1,980cc engine. However, in traffic jam, it will consume more fuel compared to when driving on the highway. From my home in Kiwatule, Kampala, to my workplace in Kololo, Kampala, I spend Shs250,000 on fuel every two weeks. 

It is a reasonable cost because I take my children to school in the morning and pick them in the evening. When I do not want to drive in traffic jam, which greatly impacts on fuel consumption, I use boda bodas to run different errands around Kampala City centre. 

It is also a plus that it is a spacious car with enough leg and headroom for both the passengers and the driver.

Richard Semakula    
I have had my Toyota Voxy for three years. One of the features I like about it is its ability to easily drive on slippery roads because of its All-wheel drive (AWD) features. 

Apart from its manageable and friendly fuel consumption with a relatively small engine of 2,000cc, I find the Voxy a reliable van. It is a car that will experience a minor mechanical fault and still be used until you are in position to have it fixed. Its spare parts are also not hard to get since it shares most with a number of Toyota brands such as the Noah and the Hiace. I usually buy mine from Kisekka Market and Wandegeya in Kampala. 
I usually spend Shs200,000 on service and this caters for engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, air cleaner, oil and fuel filters and spark plugs. Sometimes, I pay Shs150,000 in cases I do not have to replace the air cleaner and spark plugs.   

George William Masaba
It is one year since I bought my Toyota Voxy. I like it because it provides ample interior space for passengers. It has eight seats with three seat rows; the driver and co-driver and the middle and rear row that both accommodate three passengers. The passenger seats recline into sleeping positions, making it comfortable to travel over long distances.  

Depending on what you want to use it for, the Voxy is a multipurpose car. For instance, when you have luggage to carry, the middle and rear row seats can be removed to create space. However, it has to be light luggage that does not exert a huge weight on the car suspension system. 

It is also a plus that the car has five doors that make for convenient entry and exit.
One of the downsides of the Voxy is its low ground clearance which makes driving on potholed or rough roads a nightmare. This, unfortunately, makes it more of a city car. 

Also, the Voxy is reasonably priced for better affordability as compared to other vehicles in the category.  
Its features such as car navigation system, side airbags, driver and passenger airbags, side impact bars, child seat, steering wheel tilt, wood panel, sunroof and antilock brake system are also a plus.