What are the pros and cons of a 2001 Toyota Raum?

Thursday December 31 2020
By Paul Kaganzi

I have just bought a Toyota Raum model 2001. What could be its consumption and the effect of driving with Air conditioning on fuel. Bwete.

The Raum’s 1.5 litre petrol engine will give you an average fuel consumption of 13.8kms to the litre on a highway. Driving in urban traffic will drop your fuel consumption down to about 10kms to the litre.

These statistics, however, can be altered by other factors such as your driving style (frequent stops and aggressive take offs) and the running condition of your engine ignition system (spark plugs, air filter and throttle).

Driving with air conditioning technically speaking will increase your fuel consumption as it adds load to the engine. However, another school of thought suggests that driving fast with your car windows open lets in bursts of wind, which increases your car drag or resistance against wind’s dynamic force.

This adds weight to the car and increases the load to your Raum engine and subsequently, the fuel consumption.