Italy, Sudan take up largest share of Uganda’s coffee exports

Coffee remains one of Uganda's major foreign exchange earners. PHOTO/EDGAR R BATTE

What you need to know:

  • Data from Uganda Coffee Development Authority indicates that the top 10 destinations take up more than 90 percent of Uganda's coffee

 Italy consumed the largest shared of Uganda’s coffee in August, according to a report by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). 

The report, which highlights performance of the coffee sector during August, noted that Italy took  30 percent of Uganda’s coffee, which was equivalent to 225,045, 60 kilogramme bags. 

Uganda exported at least 743,517, 60 kilogramme bags during the period, which represented a growth of 48.19 percent. 

Italy was followed by Sudan, which took 22 percent or 164,398, 60 kilogramme bags, while Germany took up 11 percent. India and Algeria, closed off the top five destinations with a 10 and 5 percent share, respectively. 

“The top 10 major destinations took a market share of 90.35 percent compared to 90.64 last month. Coffee exports to Africa amounted to 225,141 bags, a market share of 30 percent, compared to 157,752 bags [24 per cent] the previous month,” report noted. 

In Africa, the report indicated, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya, were the biggest importers of Uganda’s coffee in the period . 

Europe remains the biggest consumers of Uganda‘s coffee, taking up a share of 35 percent. However, the share sharply declined from 61 percent in July. 

During the month, the report noted, coffee exports fetched $121.64m with the value of each kilogramme slightly increasing to an average of $2.73 compared to $2.71 in July per kilogramme. 

Coffee remains one of Uganda’s major export. For many years, the commodity had been Uganda’s largest export but has since been overtaken by gold. 

The report also noted that Ugacof was the largest coffee exporter in the period, shipping about 107,455, 60 kilogramme bags, which represented 14.45 percent of total exports. 

Other top exporting companies included Olam, which exported 84,161, 60 kilogramme bags or 11.32 percent, while Ideal Quality Commodities exported 71,814, 60 kilogramme bags or 9.66 percent of the total volume. 

Kyagalanyi Coffee and Touton completed the five top exporting companies, contributing 9.17 percent and 7.01 percent, respectively. 

The report also indicates that at least 76 percent of Uganda’s total coffee exports are contributed by just 10 companies, which was an increase from 72 percent in July. At least 51 companies were involved in the export of coffee in Uganda during the period. 

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