How digital booking platform is changing Kenya’s transport industry 

Battling with the drawbacks of conventional booking approaches, EasyCoach looked for a way to streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction. 

In a bid to address Kenya's persistent obstacles in its traditional transportation system, one of Kenya’s travel firms, BuuPass has unveiled its new digital booking platform.

The company launched an innovative platform to ease the process of booking and paying for transport in a simplified booking system without having to line up in long queues.

As one of its major breakthroughs, it says it has boosted 30 percent of the transportation infrastructure in Kenya within two years.

For now, the digital booking system has simplified the ticketing processes, streamlined operations for bus operators and transformed the travel experience for thousands of travelers.

Given Kenya's vibrant urban setting, daily commuting has always been a challenge as confirmed in a study by IBM's commuter pain index in 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, as one of the most stressful cities in the world for commuters.
In the traditional setting, commuters had to ensure the inconvenience of booking transport in person and would spend more hours in the long queues.

According to GeoPoll, the system saw 32npercent of the respondents spending more than between one and two hours in the long lines.

This archaic method resulted into limited choices on payment methods, overcrowded buses, erratic schedules and spontaneous booking cancellations, just as one commuter Michael Ochieng shared his dilemma.
A teacher by profession, Ochieng had to brave the long lines and chaos at the bus stops, unsure if he would get a seat or arrive on time 
He represents thousands of Kenyan commuters who are confronted with these struggles on a daily basis.
People like Ochieng now experience an unprecedented convenient and accessibility in fare booking within the comfort of their homes or while moving.

BuuPass' online system also benefits bus operators, according to the proprietors.
The digital transition has facilitated the creation of an efficient and customer centric booking App for the operators who can now seamlessly manage bookings, payments, and passenger information, resulting in streamlined operations and improved profitability.
A prime example of BuuPass's digital transformation success is EasyCoach, one of Kenya's top transportation firms. 

Battling with the drawbacks of conventional booking approaches, EasyCoach looked for a way to streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction. 
Enthusiastic passenger feedback and impressive growth figures strongly attest to the Solution’s impact.

“BuuPass has truly transformed our business. Since adopting their digital booking system, we have experienced a significant increase in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. We are thrilled to be a part of this digital revolution in the transport industry,” said Azym Dossa, founder of EasyCoach. 

“We’ve recorded over 10 million bookings, servicing over 100 destinations in Kenya. EasyCoach has also won several notable awards from the Ministry of Roads and Transports, KPMG (Kenya) Top 100 companies, Kenya Revenue Authority and Super brand’s East Africa’s Choice Awards,” he added.

Buoyed by the success of EasyCoach, the travel firm continues to empower other bus operators and entrepreneurs in the transporting industry. 
“We are thrilled to see the remarkable transformation brought about by BuuPass digital booking system in Kenya,” said Sonia Kabra, who co-founded the company with Wycliffe Omondi in 2016.
“The positive feedback from our customers and partners, like EasyCoach, has been overwhelming. By embracing our digital booking operations and over 2.5 million customer networks, bus operators can unlock new opportunities for growth and improve their operational efficiency.”