Decades later, Kevin Restaurant still got it

A plate containing some of the most popular local foods most Ugandan restaurants can offer, NET PHOTO.

Kevin Restaurant is a roadside eatery located in Nyendo, Masaka and to be truthful remains virtually unchallenged when it comes to serving local food that can be deemed to be above par.

As I have oft remarked, the best advice when travelling out of town on a low budget, is to eat breakfast at the hotel where one is staying and for your other meals seek out joints within the neighborhood that serve local food.

A couple of decades ago, fast food joints were few and far in between in towns such as Masaka, Mbarara, Jinja and Gulu. While in Kampala they were always a dime a dozen. However, nowadays, it is common to find them littered all over the place; be it up-country or in the suburbs, and sadly they never offer anything terribly exciting or inspiring.

One can never fail to find chicken and chips, liver, chips and the like. On the other hand, one cannot really blame the owners for tapping into this lucrative and booming market. All the more so when one considers the purchasing power of our unstoppable nascent millennials.

We had not been to Kevin’s for at least a couple of years and we are happy to note that they are still holding fort and doing rather well. Despite the place being noisy, one can at least be assured of getting a decent meal without being gouged for all that you are worth. Indoors is never advisable since in terms of noise level one has to compete with the televisions thus the best option would be the patio. The service is generally brisk and the menu strives to see that whatever is on the menu is available.

We discovered that here they pride themselves on offering boiled stews and we did not hesitate to order the chicken stew while fellow trencherman opted for the fish stew.

Within no time our orders were served and the portions proved to be modest but on the whole tasty and well prepared. Pricewise, Kevin’s is relatively inexpensive and offers good value for money.

If you go…
The Place: Kevin Restaurant Nyendo Masaka
Address: Nyendo Masaka along the main street
The Space: Not that large a space but well utilized
The Crowd: People who value better than average food
The menu: Good and affordable local food featuring the usual predictable staples such as beef stew, fish stew, goat etc. Matooke, rice, sweet potatoes and other carbs.
Food of all manner such as sweet potatoes, gonja, matooke and pumpkin. Fish stew, beef stew, chicken stew and the like. The sauces are boiled.
Beverages: Water, juice and soda
Recommended dishes: Fish stew with matooke
The damage: Shs 25,000 will get you by for two.
Sound level: Not the best
Parking: On the street
Smoke free zone
If you go: They open daily and close after midnight

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time.