Don’t give up on your traditional food stuff, Indians in Uganda told

Members of the Indian community in Uganda during the festive Master Chef competition in Kampala on April 2, 2023. PHOTOS/ JESSICA SABANO 

The Indian High Commissioner to Uganda Aajay Kumar has urged members of the India community to keep embracing and valuing their native cultural beliefs and practices even when they are away from their native country. 
According to Kumar, it is important for parents to talk to children about their unique traditions so that they are aware of them. 
"The world today is changing rapidly and children are confused between modern living and traditional," Kumar said during the festive Master Chef competition in Kampala on Sunday.

He urged the parents and teachers to always strike a perfect balance between retaining the required traditional values, culture and customs so that it helps children embrace their identity and heritage as well as connected to their traditional beliefs which they aspire to live in the future. 
Dr Taylor Rajni, the president of Hindu council of Africa said with fast foods becoming prevalent in Uganda, children should be able to get value and benefits of the traditional food.
He noted that traditional food brings people together and acts as a sense of comfort and belonging as it helps children bond with friends and family. 

According to him, Hindu is often praised for their vegetarianism and all Indian's most widely practiced religions have dietary laws and traditions that ought to be followed. 
Dilip Bandhali, the chief organizer of the event said the competition has given the Indian nationals to showcase the different types of food and their catering skills to the public.