Giant portions in cosy space

Samosa  and aubergine  pakoras. Photo/a. kadumukasa kironde II

What you need to know:

  • Review. At Aangan Restaurant, you will  relish Indian food in gigantic portions.

Aangan Indian restaurant on Lugogo Bypass and it seems like just yesterday well-nigh 10 years, when Alox Badoni invited me to view the brand new swanky building where he had set up his  first class establishment.

Badoni  is a veteran in the business and first cut his spurs at Haandi when they first opened shop in the 1990s where he held fort as the indomitable  general  manager never once letting down his guard and always irrepressible, courteous and helpful.

Like many a young man in the industry, Badoni had always dreamt of having his own Indian restaurant and one of his clients at Haandi was the owner of a new commercial building and lo and behold was wondering whether Badoni  would wish to take up the top floor and set up a restaurant? Badoni  thanked him with both hands the result being the present set up.


In the present setting, one is greeted with subtle lighting in the main dining room which also has a private dining room which is a wonderful asset along with a huge rooftop terrace that is suitable for functions such as banquets, cocktail parties and weddings (offering a choice of local food within the package) and one always has the assurance that the food is divine and as authentic as one would wish. At the same time one gets that blissful sense of feeling indulgent and pampered. 

Needless to say,  fellow trencherman and I are the first to admit that we cannot help but feel somewhat at a disadvantage in evaluating the wonderful service for the simple reason that the vigilant and attentive staff easily recognise us and invariably end up fawning upon us in their endeavor to keep vigil over our table.

Though to be fair, to which I hasten to add, we did take a furtive glance over at other diners, now and again, and not surprisingly they were seemingly accorded similar if not better treatment.  

For starters we can always count on the chilly paneer chef’s special that is guaranteed to leave any diner with discerning taste intrigued and a prelude to explore more. 

Private dining room.  PHOTO/a. kadumukasa kironde II

Needless to say no starter for a Ugandan would be complete without meat in which case chicken tandoori or roast kebab would suffice nicely. While on the same subject of starters, it seems that no Indian restaurant worth its salt can resist not having chicken lollipop which has today become of age though not of great gastronomic renown in my books. When it comes to seafood such as crustaceans, one can only marvel at the tandoori prawns which are subtly marinated in a tantalising masala and will set you back a pretty penny. Admittedly,  while they may appear to be dear, they can easily be shared amongst four wherein the cost is justified.  

Fish wonder
For fish lovers who are finicky about the bones, the answer lies in the whole fish dhaniya masala. This is truly a boneless wonder that benefits from first being fried and then cooked on a tawa and finally embellished in a superb sauce comprising mint, cilantro and other spices and guaranteed to leave you raving at the marvelous finished product. 

A foursome can get by with a couple of Shs 100,000  with a glass of wine each, a couple of starters that would be shared, three main courses and some dessert.  

The deal… 
The place  Aangan Indian Restaurant  
Rating: Not to be missed
Address: Lugogo by Pass, 4th floor, Lugogo House 
The space: Cozy indoors plus a private dining room and a huge roof top terrace that can easily accommodate a couple of hundred people and suitable for weddings and banquets. 
The crowd: Ugandans and Asians and expats 
The bar: Juice, lassi, beer and soda, wine and spirits   
Recommended dishes: Saag meat with spinach, chicken tandoori and their naans are out of this world.  
The damage: A foursome can get by with Shs 200,000
Sound level: Very good  
Parking: Available underground and  extremely secure
Smoke-free zone: Not allowed 
Service: Professional and good  
What we liked: The portions are gargantuan and the food is of the highest standard
If you go: Open for lunch and supper daily, seven days a week  
RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit, OK/so so, don’t waste your time. 
These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.