Tasty, affordable Chinese food

Sweet and sour pork accompanied with potatoe wedges.  PHOTO/RACAEL MABALA

It is around five years ago since Acacia Mall opened. At that time it had the distinction of being Kampala’s most modern shopping mall.

 One of the key elements of having a mall is the need for a supermarket and to this end the now defunct Nakumatt was their anchor tenant and Shoprite took up the slack.  

Wok III is one of the eight eateries located in the mall’s Food Court and on our recent visit it was not as busy as before. The decline in patronage is a result of Covid-19 and is felt by all the tenants in the mall.

 Not to mention the fact that last year they were closed for a couple of months.
 Interestingly, whereas in the past diners were inundated by all the food court waitresses rushing to take one’s orders, this is no longer the case. Under the new SOPs, customers must go to the respective vendor and make their orders which means more decorum and less haranguing. 

The menu
The menu has the standard Chinese runners that one would expect to find in such a place. Items such as sweet and sour pork, sizzling meats and fish, fried rice and noodles. 

 We could not resist ordering the hot and sour soup which happens to be my favourite and it arrived steaming hot while fellow trencherman chose the chicken wings with onions.

 This was followed by the ginger chicken and the sizzling fish. Their rice and noodles favourably compliment the food while those who wish to have chips are at liberty to do so. 

The food was served in time and was well-prepared. The portions were adequate. With Chef Felix holding fort, one is assured of good and authentic Chinese food. Looking at the menu, they also offer Momos which are a popular type of East and South Asian filled dumplings. They can be taken as either main course or appetiser. 

Wok III offers a group menu that is perfect for that occasion when you have guests and you do not wish to do the cooking. Inquire from them though I am told that it is best to give them a few hours’ notice. They are priced between Shs 54,000 and Shs 94,000. 

The deal
Place: Wok III
Rating: Worth a visit 
Address: Acacia Mall
The space: Food Court    
The setting: Informal 
Noise level: Busy 
The crowd: Shoppers and others 
The menu: Chef’s special viz. stir fried chicken, chilly chicken, stir fried vegetables served with rice and a vegetable spring roll ranging between Shs25,000 and Shs 27,000, fish and prawns between Shs 25,000 and Shs35,000, rice and noodles between Shs 16,000 andShs 25,000. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian between Shs 17,000 and Shs 25,000. Special offer chicken wings and chips Shs 25,000 or chilly chicken and chips. We noticed that they also offer momos which are not commonly found in Kampala.  
The bar: Soda, mineral water and juice
The type of food:  Chinese      The check: Allow at least            shs 50,000 and more for a couple 
Parking: An hour of free parking and thereafter one is charged 
What we liked: The prices are reasonable and the food is tasty 
If you go: Daily 
Ratings: Worth a visit

RATINGS: These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration.