Wedding meal well done

We attended a wedding that saw us enjoy a menu of Mestil to the fullest.

I am usually weary of attending Ugandan wedding receptions since they tend to be poorly organised with food that is not fit for the occasion. I will never tire preaching about the fact that a wedding should be a onetime and memorable event. There is no room for a retake.

A wedding should be a no holds bar situation with the best of everything that is affordable to all parties concerned. In the case of Jeremy and Baati Ntambi, the choice of the relatively new Mestil Hotel turned out to be an ideal venue for a semi al fresco setting.
This was my first visit to this four-star property and they have designed it in such a way that they can comfortably arrange for a large wedding of more than 1,000 without impinging on the main property.

In other words, you hire a marquee and they have the space and they offer ample parking as well as state of the art toilet and immaculate facilities designed to accommodate the multitude.

That said, when you are paying Shs 75,000 per person per plate and you are dealing with a caterer of the calibre of Spectrum Restaurant you are assured of excellent multicuisine. This being a once in a lifetime affair, there is no room for error or mediocrity.

In many ways it is a case of you pay for what you get and the wedding that we attended was first class in every respect. Needless to say, it helps when the bride’s mother happens to be Margret Katende, the owner of Aristoc and Spectrum restaurant as well as being a renowned interior designer and decorator.

After the cocktail hour we repared to the buffet and what a joyous relief to be able to sample the likes of chicken tikka masala, with barbecue grilled chicken and pepper steak not to mention biryani rice and delicious rare parottas.

The Spectrum matooke is legendary and known to always be exceptional and done to perfection. While the food may not exactly have been haute cuisine, by any measure of standard it was first rate, wholesome, well-cooked and considering that they were catering for people from all walks of life with different palettes, the food served was perfect and bound to please the majority of the guests.

When one is considering a venue for a wedding of that number, Mestil hotel has the venue while Spectrum restaurant has the capacity to deliver the food and ensure that you and your bride are not left with egg on face. A wedding should never be a disappointment and for that one special day in your life.

The menu
Tomato salsa salad
Avocado salad
A leafy salad
Brazilian salad
Chicken tikka masala
Barbeque chicken
Pepper steak
Fried goat
Beef luwombo
Pea stew
Steamed matooke
Steamed rice
Biriyani rice
Black forest cake
Chocolate fondant
Coconut cake
Chocolate gateau
Carved fruits

the deal
Place: Mestil Hotel outdoors
Rating: Not to be missed
Address: Nsambya
The space: Huge marquee accommodating at least 1,000 guests,
The crowd: Prominent, well-known middle and upper class Ugandans
The bar: All manner of booze
The damage: Shs75,000 per cover
Sound level: Excellent
Parking: Available and secure
If you go: Strictly by prior arrangement and invite
RATINGS: These are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. All are subject to change without notice.