King Jose Chameleone reigns on Lugogo

Even with everything going well at the show, Chameleone still found reason to complain. PHOTO/Isaac Ssejombwe

What you need to know:

  • Although there were a few incidents, especially in the VVIP section where a teargas canister was opened, dispersing the crowd and causing panic, overall, it was good show!

Jose Chameleone huskily roared into the microphone at 9:20pm. His signature roar, too familiar enough to force people to abandon whatever they were doing and get vantage positions where they could watch the star perform. The maestro band at this point, had already taken their positions at the back of the now blacked-out stage.

The band first played the national anthem before Chameleone’s musical journey was briefly played on the screens. It took him about five minutes to emerge on stage shortly after a brief fireworks display. By this time, everyone was on their feet, especially those who were comfortably seated in the VVIP section.
Kuma Obwesigwa was the first song he sampled before jumping onto Wale Wale.

The first session of Chameleone’s performance had Kipepewo and Nekolera Maali. At the sight of the mammoth crowd, he had to make an assurance to the naysayers.

“People think I am joking, but I am loved. I am a national treasure. It is sad for a Ugandan to be jealous of a fellow Ugandan but God blessed me. 25 years and I am still here,” he said.

The Leone Island boss then went on with his performance, doing Shida Za Dunia, Fuga Bi, Maama Mia, Naumia, Mambo Bado, Katupakase, Tubonge, Jamila, Dolotia and Sivyo Ndivyo before Weasel joined him to do Bomboclat.

Weasel then carried on with Lwaki Onumya, Breath Away, Obudde and Bread and Butter. King Michael came next, doing two songs after which Chameleone returned for his second session with the whole version of Kuma Obwesigwa, Bolingo Wazambe, Bayuda, Basiima Ogenze and Nkwagala. It was at this moment that he called on Jackie Chandiru, both doing Where You Are and their Holding On jam.

Revelers react during Chameleon's concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on February 24, 2023. 

Mesach Ssemakula excited many in the audience with Kakutendereze and Sigwe Ansimira, where the audience simultaneously waved their hands in the air and sang along. Before leaving the stage, Mesach advised Ugandans to stop comparing other artistes to Chameleone because he is a great artiste.

Pallaso then came next and did two songs, leaving the stage for Bebe Cool, who did Fire Anthem, Kasepeki and Bogolako. Chameleone joined Bebe to do their Bogolako remix, a song he last performed in 2010 at the R. Kelly concert, and shame this time round, they both could not sing the entire song. Every time they started each other’s verse, the other one interrupted by telling the band to stop playing.

Nigerian afro dancehall artiste Ketchup then came next to do Pum Pum with Chameleone and then stayed around when he was doing Owakabi. It was until his microphone was muted that he left the stage. Mateeka, Baliwa, Badilisha, Forever, Mawoko na Mawoko and Vumilia are the other songs that he did in his fourth session but it was visible that he was worn out. You could tell from his voice and movement around the stage.

He even resorted to complaining, which did not settle down well with some people in the audience. 
Mudra, Zex Bilangilangi, Navio and Ziza Bafana made a brief appearance on the stage before Chameleone did his last session at 1am but most people were already leaving.  

The concert that was initially supposed to happen two weeks ago but did not happen after the stage collapsed following a heavy downpour, was well attended. Chameleone’s supporters accessed Cricket Oval as early as 10am but only a few got chance to see him do his last sound check. The sound was good with Myko Ouma and Emma Dragu leading the back line.

Although there were a few incidents, especially in the VVIP section where a teargas canister was opened, dispersing the crowd and causing panic, overall it was good show!