Be judged by your shoe game

At least seven out of 10 women we talked to agreed they judge men according to three things. The shoes, perfume and watch. Today, we bring you the trendy shoes which will boost your profile. 
This is perfect for a casual look but can also look sophisticated depending on the type. Loafers come in the form of penny, tassel, horse-bit, and kiltie. This type of shoes also comes in different sizes and colours, depending on the occasion. Hot tip: Loafers work best with tight jeans. 

The monk strap shoe is one of the most enduring footwear of all time. It is classy and can be slipped on and off. Monks are perfect for the lace-adverse gentleman. The straps can add a tone of playfulness to any outfit.

 A single strap monk is a classic while a double monk strap is modern. They come in an array of colours but black and brown are ideal. 

The most common shoe wear on the planet. They come in so many styles that in this day and age they can be styled with almost anything. 

A pair of high quality all-white or black low top leather sneakers are a good investment. White is a favourite pick while black is a safe option. Sneakers are versatile and are great pairing for your jeans.

Legendary. These have served in all generations. They do not easily spoil and will serve every purpose, especially office and casual parties. These are the most formal of shoes.

 The cut and timeless style allows you to wear with evening wears, business attire and a slightly casual style involving sports coats.

Now, Oxfords come in many different types — plain, cap toe, wingtip, brogues, and whole cut. Plain Oxfords are the most formal, versatile and are the workhorse foundation for any closet even if you don’t wear them every day. For formal, keep it plain and simple with closed lacing. 
One trend that has been on the rise recently is the crocs. The colourful plastic clogs with holes are one footwear trend that everyone loves recently. Crocs are considered a bold fashion statement. 

They are known for being easy on the feet, and if crocs were not half as comfortable as they are, they would not make sense at all. 

That aside, these footwear have penetrated into the street wear culture in recent years and have been worn by designers, artistes and celebrities at red carpet events and even runways.