I hate the Yeezy style

Jonathan Nalebo wears lip balm only to photoshoots. PHOTO BY ISAAC SEJJOMBWE

How do you describe your style?
Well, most people will call it a corporate look but I simply dress according to my ambitions. Your style should match your ambitions. Fake it until you own it. That is my motto.

And what are those ambitions?
I love being classic. I can tuck in anytime, any day and anywhere. In the future, a well-pressed suit from Monday to Sunday will work. I dress according to the event but still, there must be an element of class. I represent different classes. I can be seen as a marketer, a journalist, a slay king or a role model.

What is classic to you?
A blazer boosts my confidence. It is what I consider classic.

What can’t miss in your wardrobe?
Cologne. There is a common one my wife brings home often. It is called One Million. It smells nice but the best part of it is that it is my wife who made that choice for me.

Are you married?
I am not married. People think marriage is all about a ring but a wife is a person you live with to create a family. A wedding is an event; it does not describe my relationship. Please let us go back to fashion.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?
I do not know what expensive means to you but I will go for any price as long as I get value from the product.

Where do you shop from?
I get a lot of people who want to work with me but currently, I am dressed by Vazi Guru, a fashion store in Kansanga.

Besides being dressed, do you shop for some clothes yourself?
If I find something nice, I buy it. Sometimes, fashionistas present their products so I choose; sometimes I dress on credit.

Who is your favorite designer?
I am not specific. I cannot handle being a slave to one particular designer.

What can’t you live without?
A good shave. I visit the salon every three days because I cannot stand being bushy.

What are the two must-have for every guy?
A good smart phone because it says a lot about your class and clean clothes because you must look fresh.

What is the most outrageous trend you have come across?
I do not even know why it is called Yeezy wear – torn shirts. You must be mentally challenged to rock that outfit.

Do you go to health spas?
(Laughs). I am a local man. My wife decided to take me to the sauna one time but I could not last 40 minutes.

Is massage part of your wellness routine?
Maybe at the salon - that light massage those ladies try on us. I have not been adventurous enough to try real massage parlors.

Do you wear lip balm?
I wear it only during photoshoots. I drink lots of water so my lips look amazing.

Do you polish your nails?
I find it lazy for a man my age to receive a pedicure from another man. Not even from the opposite sex! I bite my finger nails.

What is your favourite hairstyle?
I keep it comfortable. Hair is the most valuable part of my body.

What do you look out for before leaving home?
I look into the mirror and ask myself, “Will this look inspire the people I meet, my children and the people who I inspire?”