Pink power

What you need to know:

EMPOWERED. A woman can literally be anything she wants and still maintain a sense of empowerment. Hassan Ssentongo shows us why and how the colour pink can be pretty and empowering at the same time

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the achievements of the female sex and push for gender equality. It’s a great time to be a woman considering the plethora of opportunities currently available, not just in the professional work space and social life, but also in fashion.

Pink is no doubt the colour of the season, but trends aside, it’s considered one of the prettiest colours. A soothing and joyful colour, it is almost impossible to be miserable in pink.

This colour is, however, also associated with an overdose of femininity. But, what is so wrong with embracing who you are. There’s no such thing as labels, wear what you want, even if it is pink.

Pink is not just a pretty colour, it can be just as strong and empowering. The important thing is to wear what you like, when you want.

Yes, you can be both feminine and powerful and the trick is in your choice of wardrobe. That is the power of pink.

fitting it in
The big question is: how do you incorporate the colour into your wardrobe? The options are endless. Perhaps you want to be the girly girl in pink. Maybe you prefer to be tough in a black suit worn over a pink shirt. You could even go all the way and be regal in a pink form-fitting maxi dress. Or, be the brave woman who embraces unique unexpected silhouettes. There are also great accessories such as bags and shoes that can help you indulge in a little pink play without doing much.