Rock the day in a skort

A skort is the kind of clothing that has a business in the front, party at the back sort of vibe. It is an interesting mini-skirt because it gives you room to freely move about without worrying about showing your underwear. In fact, you can go ahead and ride a bike in it if you wish. That is the beauty of the skort.
Its functional benefits aside, the skort is posh and a huge fashion hit. Street style bloggers are making it so cool to wear, that even tennis players are now starting to make fashion statements as they play their game.
Skorts come in a number of styles. The most popular one is the skirt at the front, pants at the back design. The asymmetrical appearance makes for an interesting outfit. It is actually hard to tell it is a skort until one turns to show their backside.
The other style is the visible shorts under a skirt. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this style is the appearance of shorts under a skirt. You cannot fail to turn heads in it.

How to wear the a skort

-Wear your skort with strappy sandals and show legs without worrying about the mini-skirt ban, if there was any. The look is sophisticated and polished, with all the glam you might desire.

-Do it the tennis player way, and give it your skort a sporty vibe with a pair of sneakers. Since skorts have a ‘shorts’ element to them, it’s very easy to wear sneakers with them.

-Confidence is the most important accessory you need to pull off the skort trend. It is a mini skirt of sort, so you are going to show off inches of skin.