Showing off skin tastefully

It is not true that looking and feeling sexy has to be done in a short or overly revealing outfit. It is possible to dress flirtatiously without showing off too much skin. Showing skin gives you that feminine power, that you are beautiful and are not afraid to flaunt it. But, how do you do it without being risqué and cheap. Here are some tips from Marion Sash.

Wear lace or sheer
You want to show skin without revealing much, wear lace or sheer. With a sheer blouse, you can show off the appearance of your bra without actually showing it. In fact, it is one of the top styling trends right now. Lace does the same, although with it you show almost nothing. It is also easier to wear since not everyone is confident enough to wear sheer.

Cold shoulder/ off the shoulder neckline
Yes, baring your shoulders is also showing off skin. Many women, especially younger ones wear open shoulder tops so much that it sometimes does not feel like showing skin. However, not many people are confident baring their shoulders. The off-shoulder cut is a cool way to show skin, if you are confident about the appearance of your back and shoulder areas.
If off the shoulder is too much skin to bare, opt for cold shoulders tops. These leave bare just a hint of skin around the shoulder or arm areas.

Cut outs
You can opt to wear pieces with cut outs. These can be cuts of different shapes showing just hints of skin. It is important to note that, not all cutouts are appropriate. Some dresses have way too many cuts that it is extremely risqué to wear them. Simple cuts can suffice.

Fold your pants
This is the most interesting way to show off skin, and it is super easy. Just fold the hemline of your pants to show just a small inch of your legs. Yes, that is also showing skin and it is very tasteful. Some jeans come cut short to show off a little bit of leg before you get to the shoes. This is something everyone can pull off with no effort.

Crop top
If you have a flat midriff and have no qualms about showing it off, a crop top is your answer. Opt for a cropped top that shows just a hint of skin, and this usually goes well with a high-waist skirt or trousers.