Stay fashionable yet modest in Ramadhan

Long, flowing dresses in modest prints and colours are also ideal for the fasting period.

While Muslims are fasting, praying and involved in several charity drives, there are also the gatherings. Friends and family are coming together for iftar and suhoor; generally, catching up over meals and Darassa classes. This does not mean that you should not pay attention to your wardrobe.

Some find it really hard to maintain fashion statements during Ramadhan as compared to other months.

It is even harder for the corporates and working class women who must abide by the office dress code alongside the Ramadhan modesty. You do not have to completely clean out your wardrobe. Play with what you have and come across as decent.

Dressing right during Ramadhan does not mean that you have to wear an abaya or a full jalabib or hijab.

Find long and loose clothes with long sleeves and high necklines. With some creativity, you can combine various garments to look fashionable yet modest. Scarfs will brighten your look. These are readily available on the market at affordable prices.

This is also the best time to take out the kaftans, long dresses, oversize tops and loose linen pants. You can accessorise the tops and dresses with belts and good shoes to boost your confidence. Do not forget to wear your smile and modest makeup. May Allah accept your fasting!