The latest in bridal trends displayed

Some of the gowns showcased by Kitty’s Bridal boutique. Photos by Eddie Chicco

How shall you put your trendiest foot forward if you have your wedding coming up? Kitty’s Bridal boutique showed how. Christine Wanjiru Wanjala

Kitty’s bridal collection may only be called one of a kind, for two reasons; Bridal-only fashion shows are hard to come by. And two, because her designs are exactly that, one of a kind.

Sarah Kitakule, the woman behind the label boutique and bridal salon, designs them and sends the sketches to the factory where they are made under the Kitty’s label in a factory abroad then shipped back complete.
“I am inspired by the world trends and what works for our market,” says the UK based Kitakule.

The event: Kitty’s Bridal fashion show by Sarah Kitakule, fashion designer and bridal consultant, at UMA showground conference hall.
Showcased: Delightful mix of classic wedding dress, with modern risqué touch like the sheer ribbed bodice on the Cinderella dresses. Visions of lace, tulle and desirable figure hugging mermaid dresses. Lace illusion sleeves and jewel detail carrying throughout the collection.
Per Kitakule, these are the prevailing trends.

Tots of wisdom from kitty’s

Aside from the gawk worthy dresses, a little male fashion and handy tips on picking a dress from the lady herself. Here is the breakdown.

1. Pick something that embodies your personality. Like if you are modest or conservative do not go for a daring strapless that will make you conscious and uncomfortable all day.

2. Consider your budget. You need to work with how much you have available for a dress against what you want and get a halfway point.

3. Make your own choice, as tempting as it may be brides should not leave picking a dress to mother in laws friends or sisters. Work with your designer, or consultant, what suits your body and your personal taste. This means taking a bunch of girls to the fittings, not a good idea

4. Do not let penny pinching friends bulldoze your brides maid dresses choice. Instead of compromising on quality, you are better of having two well turned out maids than ten poorly dressed.